Puss will strut his stuff with a host of traditional characters performed by a multi-national cast for a multi-national audience of all ages, with dazzling sets, spectacular costumes and show-stopping musical numbers. The Troubadours have been putting on traditional panto's in the theatre since 2013, and an expanding French audience is getting the hang of what is expected from a pantomime audience and joining in confidently, booing the baddie, calling back to the dame and cheering the principal boy and girl. It's true that they haven't seen anything quite like it before but luckily for us they love it! Don't miss out on the most magical event heralding the start of the holiday season! Grab your tickets and treat your loved ones to an unforgettable night at the theatre. Whether you're 8 or 80, ' Puss in Boots' is a pantomime that's fun for all ages. The pantomime is in English with French sur-titles. Performances are at 8pm Friday 8th December, 2.30pm & 5pm Saturday 9th December and 5pm Sunday 10th. Box Office opens 1st October, tickets available online: www.tbdl.fr/billeterie or 06 88 05 59 26
Le Theatre dans les Vignes, Rte de Pomas, 11250, Couffoullens, Aude