Royal Scottish Country Dance Society (Paris Branch)

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Learn the steps and the formations to the sound of traditional music both old and new, in an international ambiance of fun! Scottish Country Dancing is danced in groups (called sets) of four, six or eight.

Sets of six or eight dancers are the most common. Some dances are easy, while others take a bit longer to learn.

Come and join us, we’re waiting for you!

Monday night dancing: €8 (RSCDS Paris Branch members) ou €10 (non-members). Members of the Paris Branch can buy 6-tickets booklets for €40.

A subscription fee is required from dancers who wish to attend the RSCDS Paris Branch’s activities regularly.

The yearly subscription fee is 33€ for an adult (aged 25 or over), 57€ for a couple (aged 25 or over), 28€ for an young adult (16-24), 9€ for a life member of the RSCDS or a member of another RSCDS branch.