Riviera Amateur Dramatic Association

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RADA is a loose grouping of English speaking devotees of amateur theatre, dedicated to producing the best possible affordable theatre for members of our community and visitors.

We perform three times a year with members acting or working behind the scenes, according to the demands of the piece we have chosen. Our productions vary from full length or one act plays to collections of sketches.

Members range widely from very experienced, even ex-professional, to novices and first-timers.

We have been very fortunate to have been consistently made welcome at Mougins School since the very beginning. This has allowed us to rehearse weekly and to prepare and perform in the same place.

We are delighted when we hear that our most recent production was the "best ever" but are never blasé about our acheivements and keep finding new challenges to push our team to new heights.

Phone: 07 83 53 76 20

Website: http://rada06.com/