Au Choeur du Lary (choir)

Registration #: 512 471 798 (SIREN), 512 471 798 00011 (SIRET)

The choir currently consists of 35 singers, both French and English.Our repertoire consists of all types of music from Bach to the Beatles, Sacred and secular, normally in four parts, Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass.

We meet in the Mairie at Montlieu La Garde on Thursday evenings from 20h30 to 22h30. For rehearsals and performances we have the assistance of a professional pianist Aunaud.

We sing four Christmas Carol concerts each year and also annually at Fete De La Musique. Other performances include an annual Choral Mass at Chevanceaux. In 2017, we will also be playing host to an English choir from Kemsing, Nr Sevenoaks, Kent.

You are heartily invited to join us!

Phone: 05 46 04 37 51